Ghost of a Cowboy

Ghost of a Cowboy: A Paranormal Western Erotic Short Story


Caroline has just inherited a ranch house out in the middle of nowhere. She’s uninterested in the desert hideaway, and only wants to get the place ready to sell. When she arrives, she senses a strange presence on the ranch. There are mysterious knocks on the door and voices in the night, and she is irresistibly drawn to the old barn out back.

When she looks out the bedroom window to see a candle burning in the old tack room, she can’t resist anymore. What she finds is more than she could have ever expected: the ghost of a sexy cowboy. Instead of being bent on revenge, the ghost of is bent on pleasure. Only Caroline can give him the release he needs to make it to the other side.

Available via AmazonAmazon UK, Kobo, iTunes, Nook,  and Google Play

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