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New Bundle Release: Office Encounters


Office Encounters Bundle

Three hot stories about what happens behind closed doors at the office in one sizzling bundle! Office Encounters is a bundle of 18,000 words.

Office Orgy: Alexandra has spent the last three months locked in an office with sexy Matthew, Ethan and Tyler. After working hard, and fantasizing about her subordinates at night, she is ready for a release. When the team meets an important deadline, Alexandra finds that she can’t resist her urges anymore, and that she won’t be satisfied with just one of them.

The Submissive Position: Just out of college, Brie is miserable and working at the mall. When she gets an interview for the job of personal assistant to a hunky CEO, she jumps at the chance. She even ignores the odd requirement that they sign a confidentiality agreement before being allowed in the building. It turns out that Mr. Calderon doesn’t just want a personal assistant, but someone who will submit to his every whim, both professionally and sexually. Now Brie is competing with four other girls to see who can be the best submissive and win the job. What Brie didn’t know is just how hot Mr. Calderon’s dominance would be.

Call Me Sexy: Hannah is a successful executive that’s rising fast up the ranks thanks to her innovative ideas and business savvy. There is only one thing standing in her way: her East Coast counterpart, who is the sexiest man Hannah has ever heard. Yes, heard, because so far the only contact they have had is on the phone. At a conference, Hannah and Andy meet for the first time, and sparks fly. He is just as sexy in person as he is on the phone, and Hannah can’t keep her head straight when she’s around him. For the sake of her mind, and her libido, something drastic needs to be done.

Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

New Bundle Release: The Perfect Submissive

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The Perfect Submissive (Wicked CEO Bundle)

Brie is unemployed and a bit desperate when she is called in for an interview to become the personal assistant to sexy billionaire Mr. Calderon. She isn’t prepared for the reality, which is that he isn’t just looking for someone to answer the phone, but for someone to answer his every beck and call, both professionally and sexually. Her journey to become his personal submissive will have her bound, whipped, and trying new and exciting things she’s never even dreamed of.

This bundle includes all four stories from the Wicked CEO series. The bundle is approximately 20,000 words.

Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

New Bundle Release: Taken by My Mentor

These are two short stotakenbymymentor-page-001ries of young men trying things that they never have before with the sexy men that they look up to. Nate cannot stop thinking about what he saw his boss doing alone in the office one night, and Xander finds out that there is a lot more to the big/little pairing at his fraternity than he thought.

Taken by My Mentor is available to buy or borrow on Amazon US and Amazon UK.