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New Release: Kink App: BDSM Virgin

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Kink App: BDSM Virgin (Kinky App #2)

“He slipped the blindfold over my eyes, and the last thing I saw was his muscular arms before my world was dark. He grabbed one of my wrists and forced them above my head, and I felt the cool metal against my skin before I heard the metallic click of the handcuffs. I tried to move, but I was tethered to the bedframe. There was another click, and my other hand was trapped too.”

Ever since joining the anonymous kinky sex app, and having my first titillating encounter, my body can’t think of anything else. When I log back into the app, another kink I’ve always fantasized about but never been brave enough to try comes up: BDSM. I want to be whipped and chained by a hot stranger, and tonight my fantasy is coming alive.

BDSM Virgin is the second book in the Kinky App series about at curvy BBW who wants to try out her deepest, most secret desires with strangers in the big city. BDSM virgins is about 4,000 words and features adult content.

Available now to buy or borrow on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

New Release-Kink App: Forced Encounters

Have you ever had a fantasy you would never reveal to anyone? What if there was a way to meet people with the same kink, and explore your desires anonymously?

I’m alone in a forced cover-page-001big new city, newly single and without a lot of options when I stumble across a kinky app, that lets my imagination run wild when I think about all the different fantasies I can live out. There’s one fantasy that captures my interest right away, and makes me wet with anticipation: forced encounters. When MADMAN, a stranger with piercing eyes contacts me through the app, I can’t wait for him to make my curvy body tingle.

Forced Encounters is the first story in the Kinky App series, and is around 3,750 words, featuring a BBW who wants to break out of her comfort zone and try out all of her fantasies for the first time.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon US and Amazon UK.