New Release: The Submissive Prize (Book 4 in the Wicked CEO Series)

The Submissive Prize (Book 4 in the Wicked CEO Series is available now!

Brie has done thinsubprizecover-page-001gs she never though herself capable of, in order to win over Mr. Calderon, the sexy billionaire in need of a personal assistant to satisfy him in every way. The competition is down to just Brie and Lauren. How will Mr. Calderon decide who should win the ultimate prize, and how will he reward the winner?

Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK

New Release: The Submissive Position (Wicked CEO Book One)

Just out of college, Brie is miserable and working at the mall. When she gets an interview for the job of personal assistant to a hunky CEO, she jumps at the chance. She even ignores the odd requirement that they sign a confidentiality agreement before being allowed in the building. It turns out that Mr. Calderon doesn’t just want a personal assistant, but someone who will submit to his every whim, both professionally and sexually. Now Brie is competing with four other girls to see who can be the best submissive and win the job. Brie just didn’t know how hot Mr. Calderon’s dominance would be.

The Submissive Position is available on Amazon (click on the cover to check it out!)