New Release: A Man for my Husband


When I first saw my new co-worker, Sean, I was just as intrigued as the rest of my colleagues. When I found out that he was gay, I started on a plan. My fantasy has always been to see my 100% straight husband be taken and taken hard by another man while I watch.

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New Bundle Release: Taken by My Mentor

These are two short stotakenbymymentor-page-001ries of young men trying things that they never have before with the sexy men that they look up to. Nate cannot stop thinking about what he saw his boss doing alone in the office one night, and Xander finds out that there is a lot more to the big/little pairing at his fraternity than he thought.

Taken by My Mentor is available to buy or borrow on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

New Release: Campfire Circle Jerk

Campfire Circle Jerkcover-page-001

Campfire Circle Jerk: A Gay Erotic Short Story

The brothers of the Sigma Rho Delta Fraternity have been taking a trip to the nearby state park every fall for years. With a couple of beers in their systems, the boys start talking about their sexiest experiences. With all this testosterone going around, it’s very natural that they all get a bit horny. When one starts pleasuring himself, he doesn’t expect that all the others will join in, but he hopes that they will.  Pretty soon, all the boys of Sigma Rho are getting into it, and more than one wants to help each other out.

Campfire Circle Jerk is available to buy or borrow on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

First Release

I am happy to announce my first short erotica release, “Office Boy: A Gay Erotica Short Story”. Office Boy is the story of Nate, who has been under-performing on the job. His boss is furious, but Nate is convinced that Mr. Price would be even more pissed if he knew the truth: that Nate caught him during private time in his office late one night. Now, his boss is the only thing he can think about. Will another late night at the office let Nate explore these new desires?


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