a man for my husband

New Release: A Sexy Neighbor for My Husband (My Husband Went Gay for Me #4)


When a new hot, sexy neighbor with six pack abs moves in, I can’t think about anything else. He becomes my fantasy, but when I find out that he is gay, I only get more turned on. I’ve always dreamed about seeing two men together! When he admits that he caught me spying on him, and something else much worse, he admits that he sees something he likes in our house: my husband.

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New Release: A Rock Star for my Husband


A Rock Star for my Husband (My Husband Went Gay for Me #3)

Ever since college, my celebrity crush has been the rock star Derrick Danger. When he comes to the venue I manage to play a show, I’m ready for his insane celebrity demands, but not quite prepared when he tells me he wants me to get him another man to sleep with. When my husband agrees to get taken by the rock star for his gay first time, I didn’t know that it would be this hot!

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New Release: A Tattooed Hunk for my Husband


My tattooed, heavy metal fan best friend Jesse has been into my husband Martin since the first night we met. What he doesn’t know is that I have a secret fantasy of seeing my husband dominated by him. When my husband picks me up late one day, he promises to make it up to me however I want. I’ll bet he didn’t know that would involve another man.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon US and Amazon UK