New Release: Paranormal Western Erotica

Ghost of a Cowboy (Sensual Spirits #1)


Caroline has just inherited a ranch house out in the middle of nowhere. She’s uninterested in the desert hideaway, and only wants to get the place ready to sell. When she arrives, she senses a strange presence on the ranch. There are mysterious knocks on the door and voices in the night, and she is irresistibly drawn to the old barn out back.

When she looks out the bedroom window to see a candle burning in the old tack room, she can’t resist anymore. What she finds is more than she could have ever expected: the ghost of a sexy cowboy. Instead of being bent on revenge, the ghost of is bent on pleasure. Only Caroline can give him the release he needs to make it to the other side.

Available to buy or borrow via Amazon and Amazon UK.

New Release: Office Orgy

Alexandra has spent the last three months locked in an office with sexy Matthew, Ethan and Tyler. After working hard, and fantasizing about her subordinates at night, she is ready for a release. When the team meets an important deadline, Alexandra finds that she can’t resist her urges anymore, and that she won’t be satisfied with just one of them.



Office Orgy is available on Amazon to buy or borrow.

A Sexy New Free eBook

As an incentive to subscribe to my Weekly Email Blast (where you can get the latest news about new releases, contests and freebies), I’m offering the sizzling short story “Who Stole My Panties?”.


Vicky’s favorite black lacy panties have gone missing. At first she thinks that she must have lost them in the laundry, but she is starting to suspect that one of her roommates had something to do with it. When she goes searching for the culprit, she finds some sensual surprises that she never expected.

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New Release: The Submissive Position (Wicked CEO Book One)

Just out of college, Brie is miserable and working at the mall. When she gets an interview for the job of personal assistant to a hunky CEO, she jumps at the chance. She even ignores the odd requirement that they sign a confidentiality agreement before being allowed in the building. It turns out that Mr. Calderon doesn’t just want a personal assistant, but someone who will submit to his every whim, both professionally and sexually. Now Brie is competing with four other girls to see who can be the best submissive and win the job. Brie just didn’t know how hot Mr. Calderon’s dominance would be.

The Submissive Position is available on Amazon (click on the cover to check it out!)


First Release

I am happy to announce my first short erotica release, “Office Boy: A Gay Erotica Short Story”. Office Boy is the story of Nate, who has been under-performing on the job. His boss is furious, but Nate is convinced that Mr. Price would be even more pissed if he knew the truth: that Nate caught him during private time in his office late one night. Now, his boss is the only thing he can think about. Will another late night at the office let Nate explore these new desires?


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